BrightEdge and Adobe Experience Manager Expertise

BFO’s team has unrivaled experience in both Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and BrightEdge consulting and management. This complex set of technologies requires specialist knowledge and understanding to set-up, manage and provide ongoing reporting.

BrightEdge Consulting and Management

BrightEdge is an industrial strength SEO platform built for large-scale enterprise websites to track and monitor performance that will reflect true ROI value on your SEO improvements. BrightEdge is used by 10 out of the top 10 largest online retailers, 9 out of the top 10 hotel groups, 8 of the top 10 technology companies and 7 of the top 10 largest US banks. BFO’s BrightEdge consulting and management service enables companies to ensure they’re getting the most out of this powerful tool’s capabilities.

AEM Management and Consultancy

Adobe Experience Manager (formerly CQ5 or Communique5) and now part of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, is a Web Content Management System (CMS) designed to enable users (mainly marketers and IT professionals) to create, edit, manage and optimize websites across different digital channels such as web, mobile, social and more. With such a wide array of tools you may need help with the day-to-day of AEM management – if that’s the case, BFO’s team of experts is here to help!

The very powerful combination of AEM for content management and BrightEdge’s highly sophisticated reporting tools are a common business ‘technology stack’ duo among large multi-national enterprise organizations. Adding Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, or Adobe Analytics completes the reporting platform.

Combining AEM and BrightEdge

This complex set of technologies requires specialist knowledge and understanding to set-up, manage and provide detailed ongoing reporting, usually across multiple languages and geographies. The BFO team’s AEM and BrightEdge consultancy and management service has several highly successful references for these combinations of platforms which also include use of BrightEdge’s Content Optimizer, a specialist plug-in from BrightEdge specifically for AEM.

Content Optimizer, which plugs-in to AEM, is built to support proactive content optimization during the content creation process. Content Optimizer, powered by the BrightEdge Data Cube, empowers marketers to create content that is guaranteed to deliver measurable business results.

With the close inter-relationship between AEM and BrightEdge, understanding both platforms and your analytics software is a very valuable asset. When you employ our BrightEdge and/or AEM management and consultancy service, our BFO team will become an extension of your team. Add to this the language capabilities which you require on both a central and local basis and you have a website management “dream team” to add to your support network.

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