Content Distribution Services

BFO’s content distribution agency team makes connections with influencers to build brand awareness and create social communities for clients.

We apply our resources and expertise to customize strong off-site content marketing strategies to promote your brand, develop new sales leads, and engage with current customers to create future opportunities. We leverage our industry relationships, strong content marketing backgrounds and advanced analytics expertise to enhance your organic media strategy.

Content Distribution Strategy

It starts with personal relationships. We get to know our clients, their goals, and what they like. Then we get to know the people most important to each of our clients – their customer.

To understand the customer we review demographics and online behavior through the use of analytics tools. Customer behavior tell us where we can find them and reveals the best content distribution network to reach them. This forms the basis for our content distribution strategy.

Once we know where to find the customer, we set out to get them involved. We encourage user mentions, social shares, and the creation of backlinks. Through our content syndication services, we get your content posted on relevant websites we know your customers visit. The more activity generated, the better your search results and the bigger your community of followers becomes.

We unite content distribution with your SEO and social media strategies to create a complete media strategy for your business.

Content Marketing

Every element of your content marketing fits a big picture, a lot like a puzzle. Our approach ensures your message remains consistent and builds toward your business goals.

Some clients ask us to do their content development in addition to distribution, but whether you create your content or we do, our content delivery approach builds you up as a leader in your industry.

It’s time to start a conversation about how content distribution strategies can supply consistent, relevant content and help you attract customers and keep the attention of loyal fans.

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