Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services

We help clients achieve higher conversion rates with one simple philosophy: web sites are always in Beta. With ever-changing search engine and user behaviors, and a major shift from desktop to mobile devices, websites need to constantly adapt and adjust to stay relevant and profitable. BFO’s conversion rate optimization services position our clients to generate bigger results and meet business goals today and tomorrow.

What Does it Mean to Optimize Conversion Rates?

Optimize simply means to find out why people do not take the action you’ve prompted them to – and then change it! Reasons why people don’t act varies depending on the web page or pages, the audience, and really any number of potential factors.

For example, on a landing page it could be the color of the “Order Now” button. Or maybe the wording of the Call-To-Action, the content, or another important design or content element. To optimize a landing page, we follow best practices we’ve learned from experience and apply them to A/B Testing and content experiments.

For websites, conversion can be disrupted by some element of the site’s flow. It might be obvious or it could be something unexpected. Optimization here often involves tracking user behavior to understand where the disconnect exists. Then we create and map the desired flow for users to follow through the website to reach the ultimate conversion point. Once designed, we implement the changes to ensure the path through is simple and clear.

CRO Methodology

We believe a transparent and simple approach to conversion rate optimization yields the best results.

First, we meet to understand the goals of the site. We ask lots of questions. For the best results, we need to make sure your business goals are in alignment with website goals.

Next, we analyze and audit user behavior. We run attribution analysis, user path behavior analysis, and conversion funnel analysis to understand what users are doing and when. At this point, we’re looking for quick, short-term opportunities to create an immediate conversion rate boost.

With the information we gather, we make recommendations. In most instances, these take the form of experiments we can run with the highest chance of improving your conversion funnel. Once we find a winner, we work with you and your team to implement it.

But we don’t stop there. Our next step involves report and alert setup to keep us informed as we repeat this process until we max out your conversion rates.

BFO’s Data Toolkit

Data drives conversion and informs our recommendations and decisions. In addition to Google Analytics, we use Click Intelligence, a proprietary in-house tool we use to create a “heat map” which allows us to track user behavior across your entire website.

CRM integration is another way to increase the value of your data. We license tools that allow us to incorporate Google Analytics data into your CRM platform.

As we remain at the forefront of new technology, we look beyond Google Analytics for tools designed to deliver solid data and helpful insights to boost conversion.

Performance Consulting

At BFO, we provide performance consulting as we know all too well that search and user trends can change quickly. Continued success and high conversion rates require regular site health checks, experiments, and reporting.

Contact us today to start a conversation about what steps you can take to get the highest possible conversion rate for your website.

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