Display Advertising Services

Our display advertising services combine attractive visuals and advanced analytics to reach your target audiences.

Instead of using traditional “banner ads”, we can use display ads designed to reach the right audience and connect at the right time and place. Each client’s customized strategy ensures ads align with the brand message, larger search strategy and business goals.

Display Advertising

Display advertising has evolved beyond the single conversion or an effort to build brand awareness. Today, user clicks can be tracked through the entire user experience flow from display ad to landing page conversion. We track user interactions to build wider paid search campaigns to stay in front of your audience.

Integrate display with search advertising campaigns and you create opportunities to engage new clients and keep the attention of your current customer base. With the wide reach and integrated nature of these ads, you could just as practically think of it as a marketing effort, not simply advertising.

Beyond Click-through Rate

We go beyond click-throughs and impressions to achieve more precise audience targeting. Data from paid search and social media campaigns can be used to segment an audience to more finely hone your ads, choose where you want to display your ads, and to maximize your conversion rates.

The best insights come from a unified marketing strategy combining data, analysis, and campaign management to ensure both the brand message and the specific ad message remain consistent across all search and ad platforms. For our clients, we can do it all.

Customized Strategies to Meet Your Goals

Every client has different goals and needs. As a result, we’ve created a process of audit, plan, perform, analyze, report and repeat to ensure ads continue to deliver in line with pre-defined goals.

Our team of display architects leverages a wide range of popular tools and strategies. Some of these include dynamic display ads, programmatic display buying, retargeting display campaigns, and display network buys. We use integrated display and search reporting along with distribution reporting to collect and unify reporting.

BFO’s approach provides every client with clear, useful data. We add our experience and insight to create actionable recommendations. Our clients enjoy simplified decision-making, more focused user interaction for their display advertising, and a committed partner.

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