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Case Study: International Website Transition Success

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International Search & Global SEO

BFO’s multi-lingual team of North American, European, Middle East and AsiaPac nationals manage all areas of search marketing.

BFO provides a truly multilingual SEO approach to global search engine optimization and international search marketing.

The International search team is able to provide search engine optimization of web content in any language by arrangement and in all of the major language groups from its extended team around the world.


International Search engine optimization is always undertaken by a native language speaker who will work on individual website pages, working to BFO’s rigorous best practice guidelines and methodologies. As a matter of standard practice, we support 17 different languages covering Europe, Middle East, Africa and AsiaPac. Our standard language team includes:

Brazilian PortugueseEnglishJapaneseScandinavia and Nordics
Mexican SpanishFrenchKoreanSwedish

International search activities can be readily added to your existing contract services. All aspects of a truly global search marketing are supported: starting from the translation of keywords, to search engine optimization of webpages to developing search engine marketing campaigns, ads and landing pages.

If you are expanding into a new territory or geography, please talk to us about the language support which you require and we can work with you to help setup new pages or translate any existing pages into the appropriate languages. Services are available on a project engagement basis or as part of an ongoing contracted service arrangement.


The process of adapting content to a specific locale or market is not only based around translation. It needs to be presented to an audience in an appropriate way, and if you’ve not dealt with a country or region before, it can be difficult to know where to start.

While the West is dominated by one large search engine, Google, it does not have the same reach in other parts of the world. When considering International SEO and Localization across borders, it is important to appreciate the differences that come from the use of other search engines such as Yandex in Russia, Baidu in China or Naver in Korea.

Our teams can advise on the adaptation of URLs, hreflang tags, canonical tags and appropriate subdomain management.

As a result of the work we undertake, our clients benefit from country specific content all based around SEO best practices, increasing the ranking value of content for that specific country.


With the advent of automated translation services such as Google Translate, it is very easy to convey the general intent of an article, but to the native reader your translated text will look clunky and unnatural and limit how they engage with it.

However, native translation is the process undertaken by a human who was brought up speaking the language of choice and this process, although more expensive, is fundamentally important in translating faithfully the nuances and tone of content from one language to another. BFO prides itself on its native language speakers and their ability to maintain the content as it was originally intended.

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