Custom Landing Page Creation/Development

A landing page that converts continues the story that motivated the user to click your link. Maybe the story came from an ad reading “Click here for sale on craft supplies” or “Learn more about Your Advanced Degree here”.

Wherever your story began, success and conversion comes when you are in control of the user experience and brand message on a landing page. Experience allows us to control the user flow and increases the value of the data we can collect. We evaluate user activity along the entire customer flow, not just on the landing page.

With this data, we can adapt to shifts in user behaviors and optimize as needed to keep these marketing efforts in line with your business goals.

Landing Page Development

At BFO, we do landing page development for clients as part of their end-to-end search marketing effort. We are not a web design firm, but rather a digital marketing agency with an ability to do web design as part of a wider search strategy.

Landing pages are a means to an end. What is that end? Conversions. For some clients, landing pages make sense; for others, other search strategies make better sense. We apply analytics and experience to determine if landing pages make sense and then develop customized recommendations for every client.

In our experience, when analytics say yes, results follow.

For those clients who benefit from landing pages, we design the page as an integrated element of the overall search strategy so the marketing message remains consistent throughout the entire customer flow, from first contact to the call-to-action.

Landing Page Optimization

Message and customer flow have a big impact on the success of a landing page.

Whether you have one landing page or a dozen, each one needs to stay true and consistent to your marketing message. Every landing page you have should have a holistic relationship to your business goals, give you full control over your message, supply useful metrics, and convert users.

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO for short, is only one factor we look at when it comes to landing page optimization services. We also look at content, calls-to-action, images, and overall landing page design.

Contact BFO to start a conversation about landing page development or a marketing analysis of your current landing pages.

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