Paid Social Advertising Services

We help our clients go out and find their target audience where they are. Desktop or mobile, we can help you reach them. To do this, we combine social advertising agency tactics with our search engine expertise to stay on top of industry trends, develop customized strategies to promote your brand, and advance your business goals.

Social advertising is direct marketing. This means our approach starts with your target audience. We leverage demographics and social analytics to understand how your customers behave and where we can find them.

Then, through paid social ads, we use A/B ad testing, compelling content, and our expertise with paid search to reach and connect with the customer. Our relationships with reps from popular social media platforms keeps us up-to-date with the latest updates, changes, and advancements in the industry. We apply this knowledge to our client strategies and give them a competitive edge.

Social Site Marketing

Social sites continue to evolve their ad platforms creating new opportunities for businesses. Companies that sell to consumers do very well on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. LinkedIn does very well for B2B companies with Twitter continuing to grow in popularity. YouTube appeals to both consumers and businesses as an outlet to gain information.

We also work with platforms like Pinterest, Google+ and more.

The Best Social Site for You

The best site for your business is the one where your customers will most likely to respond to your call to action. We look at conversions as much as how many followers you have gained to evaluate the success of your social advertising campaign. Our focus on conversions means every customer social advertising strategy is unique.

To keep you where your customers are the most active, we stay on top of current trends, track user behavior, and apply our experience from managing social ad campaigns since they first emerged in the industry. These metrics and insights allow us to make strategic recommendations as needed. This keeps your social advertising efforts focused on your business and marketing goals.

To learn more about our social advertising services, start a conversation. We’ll be happy to discuss your goals and objectives.

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