Programmatic Buying Services Made Efficient

Also called programmatic buying or programmatic marketing, this marketing tool automates ad buying. It allows a marketer to set certain ad parameters like bid price and then sit back as the software then figures in audience demographics and behavioral data to place ads in front of customers. The technology then adjusts mid-campaign for variables like geography, time of day, and audience response.

Our programmatic services combine the amazing speed and optimizations of programmatic advertising with human-powered creativity to improve ad efficiency.

Programmatic Marketing with a Human Twist

Machines may compute faster than a human can, but humans do the buying. Programmatic advertising may get the ad in front of an audience, but it’s the creative aligned with the buying audience’s goals that creates sales and conversions.

In our experience, programmatic buying works most efficiently as part of a client’s wider media strategy. We apply a proven process to determine the best marketing tools for every client.

Every client has different goals and needs. As a result, we work through our process of “audit, plan, perform, analyze, report and repeat” to ensure ads continue to deliver in line with our clients’ short-term and long-term goals.

Humans Buy on Mobile, Desktop, and In-Store

Sometimes successful ads don’t get clicks. With the surge in local and “near me” searches on mobile devices, many ads create conversions by motivating foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores. Through data analytics and human insights that inform ad placement, we can track these results as part of a localized marketing campaign.

Then, when we add programmatic buying into this wider campaign, we can deliver a better customer experience and capture valuable buying data to advise future programmatic buying decisions.

By strategically combining a variety of appropriate marketing tools, we create efficient, revenue-generating marketing programs.

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