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Increasing Revenue by 17% with Digital Analytics Insights


B2B Ecommerce, Office Supplies Provider

Successful offline marketing efforts had driven a significant increase in our client’s website traffic, but corresponding Ecommerce revenue was failing to increase. Their traffic was increasing over time, but revenue wasn’t. This indicated that there was a problem at some point within the online conversion funnel. A thorough analysis of user behavior throughout the website was needed. Our goal was to discover the issue causing the stagnation in Ecommerce conversions, find a solution, and deliver results.


Thankfully, the client’s Google Analytics account had been in place for several years, so we had a significant amount of data to analyze. By looking at the Behavioral Flow report (i.e. page path), we found that users who knew what they were looking for converted at a high rate. However, when users searched using the website’s search function, they exited more often than moving on to a product page.

Moreover, the top Exit Pages were both the search page and the search results pages. Therefore, we recommended that the client optimize the website’s search functionality.

This would improve the conversion funnel by allowing users to find products more efficiently.


By implementing our recommendation to improve the website’s search functionality, our client experienced a 17% increase in revenue month-over-month, while their ecommerce conversion rate also increased by 10%. Through the use of detailed analysis and recommendations, we were able to increase our client’s revenue at a faster rate than their traffic, which, as of April 2015, has increased by 8% per month for a 4-month period. There are currently plans in place currently to optimize the website’s search feature even further, and we’ll update with the results when they come in.

BFO Does It Differently

“This was an interesting dilemma. We saw increased engagement on the site with falling conversions. Through much analysis, we found that a lot of users were exiting after completing a search. With that data, we were able to provide recommendations on how to improve the search functionality and Revenue increased by 17% each month. This is higher than the Ecommerce Conversion rate trend of 10%, which means that more products are being added to users’ carts than ever before.”