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International Website Transition Success



Motorola Solutions worked with BrightEdge, BFO, and B2B Marketing Labs to manage a large, international website transition. (BFO & B2B Marketing Labs are now operating together as BFO).

The transition included a user experience (UX) re-design, and re-development of the overall customer experience. With less than nine months for planning, design, and execution, managing the complexity of the project was the biggest challenge. Within 9 months, BFO needed to:

  • Migrate over 18,000 pages
  • Translate 12 different language versions of the website
  • Localize for 17 different locales
  • Transition the website from the Vignette platform to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), which affected Analytics, Tag Management, and Marketing Automation
  • Optimize a completely new mobile version, as one did not exist for the old website


A pre-audit and pre-planning was conducted for information architecture to ensure proper visibility of URLs and mapping of content. Our relentless project management planning and direction continued throughout the website transition. The second important driver of our success was communication. We made sure all partners were working closely together. Consistent communication in the form of weekly conference calls was essential. We set clear expectations for regional engagement and involvement, which allowed each partner to operate at all levels, and trust in the other’s ability to get things done.


BFO completed the SEO transition on time, and with more positive results than expected. BrightEdge’s standard expectation is that “Every 301 redirect will leak some SEO value. Therefore, a good migration will still be likely to a drop in organic traffic of 15-25%”. We exceeded expectations in this respect with a very low initial 14% organic search decrease in the United States. Post-transition, the website’s Data Cube scores increased by 22% in the United States, and by 36% in the UK. (BrightEdge’s Data Cube score shows users how well they are targeting the topics that resonate best with consumers.)

BFO Does It Differently

Watch Motorola and BFO discuss more details on our YouTube channel! BFO & Motorola presented this case study at BrightEdge’s Share conference in 2015.

“It’s great to do a redesign, but at the same time, what’s going to happen to your search rankings? For us, way over 60% of our traffic comes in from search. Once you start losing that – no leads, or reduced leads – it’s a big problem. So we had to bring in some experts to help us out here.” — Michael Velasco, Director of Brand and Digital Experience Strategy, Motorola