How We Used Google Ads to Increase Branded Traffic and Conversions While Cutting Costs

Window & Door Company


The client, a window and door company, is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business, headquartered in Minnesota with more than 5,500 employees across 16 cities in North America. The client’s portfolio of products for builders, architects, and homeowners is designed to provide exceptional solutions for any project with a focus on creating better ways of living.

In early 2019, the client did a complete brand redesign, product reorganization, updated logo, and website relaunch. As expected, the company saw a significant decrease in traffic. They had been a BFO paid search client for five years and an SEO client for three years; they reached out to us in July 2019 to help increase search traffic after the rebrand.


Despite an increase in branded search interest, year over year (data source: Google Trends), the client’s search traffic to the site was down, particularly branded traffic. When the client did their rebrand in early 2019, the website relaunch consisted of a CMS migration as the client’s old site had previously run on a homegrown CMS and then migrated to Sitecore.

  • Other than the home page, every URL on the site changed
  • To meet the desired go-live date, the client opted not to migrate every page on the website to Sitecore
  • Any page not migrated was assigned to a specific subdomain
  • Roll-out of new product collections not yet familiar to the public

The client came to BFO wanting to increase clicks, lower their CPC, increase conversions, receive better ad placement, all with a goal of generating more leads and revenue.


Working with the client, we developed a digital marketing campaign that included improvement in ad copy, website analysis, keyword research, audience targeting optimization and data gathering, along with continuous testing for best results.

Going against best practices, we decided to remove exact match brand negatives from the broad match modified brand ad groups. Best practices show we would generally expect exact keywords to get tangled into the broad match modified ad groups and efficiencies to drop off.

However, it’s critical to note this did not happen as we would have expected. Goes without saying that we did see a few, but…

The Majority of the keywords were exact match variants search terms.

These terms aren’t quite an exact match nor broad match and seemed to have been previously blocked. We set up a separate dashboard to track this test and monitor results daily as we recommend you should do but results do not lie.


Branded Traffic




Conversion Rate


Cost Per Conversion

Google Ads date range: 4/13/20 – 5/26/20 compared to the previous period


The numbers say it all! In less than six weeks, working together, we were able to achieve – and surpass – our client’s goals. Sometimes to get results, going against the grain is necessary, which is why consistent testing and follow up are critical to success. 

It’s important to always be testing to keep an eye on the data and results, so we can make changes to testing strategy in real-time as needed for best results.

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