3 Years Averaging 62% YOY Ecommerce Increases


An online retailer looked to BFO for a strategy to increase online sales and market share. With 800+ national retail stores, 50 – 70K keywords, and $3+M budget, the challenges and opportunities were immense.


Our approach incorporated PLA campaigns, mobile, geo-testing, beta programs, remarketing, and seasonal campaigns. A major over-haul of their account was necessary. Through extensive keyword research, we uncovered missing long-tail keywords and improved the alignment of keyword groups with user queries.

Seasonality: BFO supported the client’s peak season with seasonal campaigns. We scaled budget based on interest and potential revenue.

Product Listings Ads: One of the first ecommerce brands to test PLAs, we developed a highly sophisticated PLA program that broke out product themes.

Mobile Campaign: Segmented campaigns based on brand goals and developed creative targeted to target audience personas.

Geo-Testing: We set up specific promotions by location and time of day and expanded into markets such as Canada. Our location optimization strategy had a direct impact on same-store sales.


Following the restructure, the results were immediate for this online retailer and led to increased y/y sales by avg. of 62% over 3 years and a 205% increase in mobile search.