Increasing CTR 500% through Geo-Targeted & Script-Based AdCopy


Millions of consumers search every day for travel- and vacation-related needs. How can we make minor changes to our SEM account to break through the noise of competitors and persuade users to engage with our ads more efficiently?


We initially structured the account to capitalize on large, metropolitan areas which have historically driven conversion volume for the client, not only to use bid-modifiers but to allow specific control on the AdCopy messaging. In the winter of 2014/15, these metropolitan areas all experienced their version of a deep freeze. Our solution was to use a custom AdWords script which pulled in the current temperatures at the resort location and the metropolitan location, and insert them with Param values into the ad copy. This allowed us to produce dynamic messaging which enticed users to click the ad and eventually book a vacation.


In just one month, utilizing the same keyword set and budgeting, we were able to improve our click-through rates by 533% and see an increase in conversion volume in the specific metropolitan areas. As this dynamic messaging has continued to show success, we are working on ways to pull in different weather-related messaging which will engage users, even if there isn’t six feet of snow on the ground.