Atlantis Bahamas Resort Paired Seo With Content Marketing


Atlantis, a luxury Bahamas resort and hotel, needed to create engaging, informative and keyword-optimized content to improve non-brand keyword search rankings with the goals of:

  • Rising above their main competitors in the search engine space for these terms:
    • Bahamas Wedding
    • Bahama Hotels
  • Increasing conversions


Be Found Online looked at Atlantis’ existing search rankings in order to determine how their keyword positions affected website traffic and conversion rates. We then created a marketing strategy geared toward increasing their web traffic with relevant, keyword-optimized content.

Using a combination of site optimization and a strategic content plan, we helped Atlantis increase their rankings for non-brand keywords. This enabled a greater number of customers to discover Atlantis through organic search. We also optimized for several long tail brand terms such as “Atlantis Bahamas Vacations” to further improve their search rankings.


By optimizing existing content for organic search keywords and creating new content to highlight the hotel’s amenities and overall vacation experience, Be Found Online successfully increased search rankings for competitive non-brand keywords. Our aggressive marketing strategies allowed Atlantis to achieve excellent growth by consistently outperforming key competitors, including Sandals, across target keywords. Our solution garnered impressive results, with the following keyword rankings improved:

  • “Bahamas Hotel” increased 100 positions to #1
  • “Bahama Hotels” increased 100 positions to #1
  • “Bahamas Wedding” increased 25 positions to #10
  • “Honeymoon Packages” maintained position #2