Using Yahoo Gemini to Increase Impression Share by 21%


One of the firm’s accounts is a major healthcare company that needed to find highly qualified volunteers for a research study.


Be Found Online was interested in Yahoo Gemini.  Simple to use and easy to tweak, Gemini ads blend with the right content for the right audiences.


Compared to all the other platforms combined, Yahoo Gemini generated a cost per lead that was 53 percent lower and a cost per click that was 58 percent lower.

In just two months, it increased leads for the entire campaign by 24 percent and increased our impression share by 21 percent, which significantly boosted brand awareness and direct response initiatives for the study.


“Overall, the performance we’ve seen from Yahoo Gemini has been excellent. By using the enhanced targeting capabilities, we’re generating an increased number of quality leads for our clients at an efficient cost per conversion.”

– Dan Golden, President & Chief Search Artist at Be Found Online