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Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency Services

Right from the beginning, Ecommerce companies have relied on digital marketing to compete in the marketplace. Today, the competition is greater than ever before, even with the number of online purchases growing every year! Amazon’s marketplace dominance and new start-ups appearing everyday has created new and even greater challenges for ecommerce brands. Our ecommerce digital marketing services can help you identify your niche, target your audience, and leverage organic search, paid media, inbound marketing and more to build the brand loyalty needed to survive in the highly competitive world of ecommerce.

Digital Marketing Services for Ecommerce Sites

Finding Your Niche

Be a big brand, no matter the size of your audience. By finding your specific niche, you can be the “go-to” brand for your audience by making you big to them. With offices worldwide, we can help global brands find and reach their niches in local markets.

Audience Targeting

We understand ecommerce brands have different audience segments within their larger customer base. Our approach helps to identify each segment and connect with personalized marketing campaigns through social, paid media and content to capitalize on organic search opportunities.

Building Customer Loyalty

With such intense competition, ecommerce brands need a strong relationship with their customers. We help brands build trust, interest and community through quality content.

Stay Connected through Engaging Content

Great content builds credibility and establishes you as an important resource. Whether you use inbound marketing like email or blog posts to inform, educate and connect with your audience, BFO can help you develop, create and distribute content. Through marketing automation we can reach multiple audiences maximizing the impact of email marketing. Our team can provide informative and entertaining content, support location-based content for multi-channel brands, and manage customer reviews.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Presence

Our social media team can help you grow you online communities, create and launch strategic and highly engaging paid media campaigns to each target audience. Whether you target B2B or B2C, our social media services help you connect with your audience while capturing vital metrics and creating measurable results.

Make Search Engines Work for You

Organic search is a powerful tool for ecommerce brands. Capitalize on local search whether you’re pure-play or multi-channel ecommerce. Optimize web content to boost your rank and rise to the top of your search rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Start a conversation with BFO to see how our ecommerce services can help you succeed in the world’s most competitive arena.