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Digital Marketing for Higher Education

At Be Found Online, our years of experience working with educational institutions have taught us a very important lesson: student recruitment needs vary greatly from school to school. We embrace the challenge of identifying, understanding, and engaging with your ideal students, and we take pride in helping your leads grow into increased enrollment numbers.

It’s All About Lead Quality –Many agencies approach .EDU marketing to drive down CPLs, without knowledge of lead quality. At BFO, we understand that students—not just leads—are the most important outcome of your marketing campaigns.

Attribution Matters – Understanding first click and last click sources and the touchpoints in-between is important because the .EDU decision journey is a long one. The BFO team recognizes that decisions are not made overnight, or even within the quarter.

How Be Found Online Does It Differently

Reaching Prospective Undergrads with Online Communities

For high school graduates, choosing where to spend the next four years of their life is a daunting task. Our job as your partner is to help make that decision an easier one for your potential students. We have the social media expertise to generate leads and garner interest in your school by reaching potential co-eds where they spend the most time—on Twitter and Facebook!

Our team is skilled at managing your social communities and integrating paid advertising campaigns to help them grow. Targeting social media users based on location, interests, and other demographics is not only a BFO specialty, but also an essential component to your student recruitment campaigns.

Connecting with Ideal Graduate Students

Reaching potential graduate students online based on career aspirations requires a carefully optimized advertising campaign on some very specific outlets. The BFO team can increase your institution’s visibility and illustrate the quality of your educational experience with the following strategies:

Leveraging Job Search Websites
Career search sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and SimplyHired are crucial resources for recent grads looking for jobs. They also provide an excellent opportunity for graduate schools to demonstrate the value of their higher education services. With information from keyword searches and user demographics, BFO will implement a targeted display ad campaign to remind job seekers that a graduate degree from your school might be just what they need to set themselves apart in the ultra-competitive job market.

Building Your LinkedIn Community
At BFO, we’ve established ourselves as an industry leader when it comes to advertising on LinkedIn. This social business platform provides another valuable outlet for reaching professionals looking to advance their careers. The strategies we use to increase influence and visibility on LinkedIn are adapting and evolving every day.

To learn more about how we can be a valuable partner for your educational institution, start a conversation with BFO today!