We Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy

Today’s marketing teams are different, and they require a different kind of agency relationship. We strive to create and add value, so we can build the strong connections that will make us both successful.


At BFO, we manage a variety of models with direct brands and agency partners. If you’re part of an established team or a one-person agency who wears multiple hats, we’re here to help. We design engagement models to complement and augment your current resources. We also work with in-house teams of direct brands and multi-level agencies to supplement their current resources and grow them into full-service, strategic offerings


We Optimize – We ask tough questions and find places to improve, regardless of the channel or platform. We solve today’s issues and prepare you for what’s next. 

We Experiment – Our job is to consistently challenge your status quo, increase testing speed and if it happens, fail fast and improve – not implode.

We Build on What Works – We get to know the ins and outs of your team and your best-performing channels to turn your strengths into superpowers.

We Help You Innovate – Every brand has KPI’s to hit this week and this quarter. But beyond today, BFO works to help your brand innovate, pivot, find new markets, and tackle what’s next.


BFO delivers flexible engagements designed to work for your unique requirements. Many of our client partnerships start with audit or strategy projects, but we add the most value in our long-term engagements. We have designed many engagement options with a range of scope and costs, but two stand out.

Strategic Engagements

Magic doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why strategic engagements are most successful when viewed as long term relationships. Most brands that work with us for paid media & SEO invest in a minimum of $60K to $100K in annual agency fees to benefit from a staffed account team and a high level of engagement that we’re proud to offer as a full-service agency.

Project Consulting

We understand your needs may come in all shapes and sizes and we’re here to build engagement models that get you what you need and nothing you don’t. For example, projects we can provide include Website Transitions, SEO Audits, Paid Media Audits, and LinkedIn360 ABM Campaigns.

Let’s talk shop!