BlogHer ’13 brought more than 4000 of the world’s most influential female bloggers to Chicago this weekend. Heather Williams, BFO Director of Social Media and Marking and Senior Writer Tracy Mooney both attended the conference to help us connect with influential bloggers and stay current on content trends.

For Tracy, the most inspirational part of BlogHer was attending the award ceremony during which BlogHer recognized its 2013’s Voices of the Year (VOTY). From among the thousands of submissions, BlogHer’s editors chose to recognize the very best blogs, such as Melanie Coffee who spoke so eloquently in Talking About Race With My Biracial 5-Year Old. BlogHer also honored Kelly Wickham as a VOTY for her beautiful and inspiring post entitled Manifesto: Demand the Supply.

Along with writing blog posts and landing pages, Tracy also creates and manages Pinterest accounts for some BFO clients, so she attended Jill Nystel and Phyllis Khare’s session about new ways to use Pinterest and Facebook to expand the reach of blog content.

Tracy gathered some insights from Jill, who has had one of her pins repined more than two million times. Her post on removing yellow armpit stains from shirts using regular household products went viral on Pinterest and is a perfect example of writing a blog post that is of interest to everyone in order to drive traffic to your blog and website.

She reminded attendees to think about images while writing blog posts, rather than treating images as an afterthought. She said that the extra effort to create a highly pinable image for a post can be the difference between getting a few pins and driving some serious traffic to your blog by using Pinterest to its full advantage.

Heather attended Julie Yamamoto’s session teaching content creators on framing their blogs and social engagement into measurable results and gaining some insight into the ways to forge partnerships with influencers for the companies BFO represents.

Julie advised bloggers to know the demographics and psychographics of their blog’s visitors and shared some insights into what makes a successful partnership between an agency and a blogger. She also stressed that bloggers need a sophisticated understanding of how engagement is being measured for a particular campaign.

BlogHer is an outstanding event, both for connecting with influential bloggers and for learning how they create and share winning content. Both Heather and Tracy are eager to put what they learned to use for you.