So you’ve just started your new business. Your product is moving faster than you ever could have imagined, but you sense that there is more that you could be doing. You know the world is ready for what you have to offer and not just your small group of friends and family. What’s the next move? How do you find those who interested in what you have to offer? Marketing? Advertising? You have a website and occasionally make a sale or two? But can you do more? You’ve seen Facebook posts in which people are selling their products, but how exactly does that work? Do you need a Facebook Page, Facebook account, is there a number we can call? Maybe you have to know the Facebook people personally…who knows?

If you find yourself going through that thought process, you just may need to attend Quincy’s presentation, “Facebook Advertising Can Do What?” @ The Bar Below right outside the Monroe Red Line, downtown Chicago. He dispels common myths about Facebook Advertising, mainly:

  • Only kids are on Facebook.
  • Facebook won’t work because my business is B2B.
  • We don’t have a social team. So Facebook may not work for us.
  • Facebook Ads are just for branding.
  • And more!

And finally he’ll cover the topic:

  • How Do I know Facebook Advertising is For my Business?

At the end of the night, participants and attendees will walk away with a stronger understanding of the amazing world of Facebook Advertising, and they’ll be able to answer the question, “Should I be Advertising on Facebook?”

Still Interested in learning more about Facebook Advertising? This is a hot subject, seating will be limited, so go ahead and Register Today!


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