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Financial Services Digital Marketing

Financial service institutions have been slow to embrace the power of digital marketing in recent years, for a number of reasons. Here at Be Found Online, our expert marketing team is equipped with the perfect tools for helping you dive into digital marketing and developing your brand’s influence in the financial world. We can help you develop a well-rounded digital campaign to effectively engage new customers, reassure existing ones, and stand out in the crowded financial services market.

How Be Found Online Does It Differently

Understanding Your Audiences

We understand that banks work through multiple markets at the community, regional, state, and federal level. We also understand how to adapt your marketing campaigns to each of these audiences.

Hyper-specific Targeting

Engaging those different audiences is where we are really successful. We appreciate the nuances of B2B, B2C, and crossover businesses and understand how to target accordingly.

Quality Content

We help create trust and interest by communicating effectively with clients and customers through well-written, relevant, and educational content.

Demonstrate Your Value with Educational Content

In light of recent economic and financial struggles, a lack of trust among customers is the number one challenge facing financial institutions. An engaging and informative content marketing campaign is a highly effective strategy for rebuilding that trust. Let the BFO financial marketing experts take the wheel in developing and distributing content which educates customers, renews confidence in the financial market, and assures potential customers that investing their hard-earned money with your institution is a financially responsible decision.

Embrace the Power of Social Media

The BFO social media team has the expertise necessary to help grow your online communities and engage your target audience with strategically optimized paid advertising campaigns. Whether your company is targeting consumer- or business-based clients, social media outlets allow you to reach your audience with measurable results.

Use Search Engines to Your Advantage

The first step to increasing your online presence is optimizing your web content so you can rise to the top of search engine rankings. BFO will build a comprehensive SEO and paid search campaign to ensure your institution stands out on popular search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

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