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Food & Beverage Digital Marketing

With the growth of Yelp, Google+ Local, CitySearch, and other review sites, more and more customers are sharing their dining experiences, both positive and negative. As a result, review management for restaurants is more important than ever. Furthermore, competition for search engine space between restaurants is as cutthroat as the culinary industry itself, with many restaurants in your area clamoring to reach the top of the results page. Be Found Online has the tools to protect your reputation while increasing visibility in the local search engine space. We work with multi-location, medium- to large-scale businesses, using a mix of our core capabilities to drive traffic and sales.

How Be Found Online Does It Differently

Driving Relevant Traffic – We focus on quality traffic, attributing successes to the right channel. For example, by creating campaigns with downloadable coupons or platform-specific coupons, we can scale what works and eliminate what doesn’t.

A Holistic Approach — Our expertise allows us to have a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, so we can help you achieve all aspects of your goals. We understand the market, give relevant recommendations, and strive to become a valuable partner.

Multi-location Businesses — We service each market in a unique way to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Each market has a different set of customers to appeal to, and different competitors to challenge. It only makes sense for this disparity to be represented in the way we market your restaurant.

Protecting Your Online Reputation

Customers do not hesitate to post scathing reviews behind the veil of anonymity on online review sites. When considering that nearly nine in ten customers consider these sites trustworthy sources when deciding where to enjoy their next meal, Be Found Online understands an aggressive review management strategy is vital to ensuring your restaurant’s long-term success.

  • Our unique approach to online customer service includes these proven strategies:
  • Using sophisticated technology to monitor both popular and niche review sites;
  • Responding carefully to negative reviews to improve brand perception; and
  • Gathering and interpreting data to provide valuable business intelligence insights.

Managing the Local Search Space

The BFO local management team recognizes the importance of converting online activity to sales and will help you do just that with the following steps:

  • Enacting comprehensive organic and paid search campaigns with keywords and ad copy optimized for your local state, city, and neighborhood;
  • Managing your online profiles, social media accounts, and search engine directories to provide accurate location and contact information to potential customers; and
  • Expanding your SEO and paid search campaigns to mobile devices to capture potential “on-the-go” customers.

Our Clients Have Included

  • A Well-Known National Burger Restaurant
  • Five-Star Restaurants
  • Restaurant Franchises
  • Bars and Lounges

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