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Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Services

Whether you’re promoting a hospital, private practice, or pharmaceutical product, Be Found Online understands the healthcare marketplace is a crowded one. With so many options for patients, how can you take advantage of digital marketing opportunities to reach your target audience and stand out in your healthcare specialty? We can expand your online presence to increase sales and recruit new patients.

Digital Marketing Services for the Healthcare Industry

Understanding Patients’ Search Behavior

We have years of experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our expertise enables us to understand the complexities of patient search behavior. We help you take advantage of high-traffic search engines with organic, mobile, and local search optimization, paid search ads, and remarketing opportunities to engage with patients during each phase of their decision-making process.

Identifying Trends

We conduct patient research, identify emerging trends in the industry, and stay on top of everything so you don’t have to.

Digital Expertise

The BFO team is focused on innovation within the digital space. We’re experts in dovetailing with traditional media agencies, and we will use our experience to help accelerate your enrollment.

Getting Pharmaceuticals to Market Faster with Direct Response Ads

Paid search and social campaigns are a highly effective way for pharmaceutical brands to increase brand awareness, highlight a new product launch, and elicit a direct purchasing decision from targeted patients. BFO’s cross-channel campaign strategies help over-the-counter and prescription medication brands get their product to the market faster and drive an immediate increase in sales.

Educating Patients with a Content Marketing Strategy

With patients taking healthcare research into their own hands, the value of content marketing is higher than ever. Informative and engaging content, including blogs, mobile ads, and online video, can greatly influence the healthcare choices of prospective patients. The BFO content marketing team will develop and distribute content that increases patient confidence in your services and helps make their decision an easier one.

Building Long-Term Relationships with Social Communities

Social media provides a great opportunity for healthcare providers to continue interacting with patients long after they’ve left your hospital or office. BFO will help you build attractive and engaging social media communities and use these outlets to share your content—a helpful tool in patient retention.

Start a conversation with BFO to learn how we can improve your marketing efforts in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals space.