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Hospitality Digital Marketing: Travel, Resorts & More

Whether your focus is on gaining more “heads in beds” or “butts in seats,” a complete digital marketing strategy is the key to your company’s growth.

In today’s travel, resorts, and hospitality industry, digital marketing is no longer just about attracting new customers. It’s about creating a relationship with your customers. You treat your guests as royalty, and that level of service should begin from the initial moment of contact. In developing your digital strategy it is important to understanding your target customer. That includes learning what initially attracted them to your brand, as well as how your marketing strategy will keep them booking time after time.

Digital Marketing Services for the Hospitality Industry

Appealing to Your Target Customers

In the highly competitive market, a creative and unique approach to travel, resorts, and hospitality internet marketing is necessary for attracting new customers to your offering. Travel can be expensive for the average consumer, and with so many available options and discount sites, customers often expect to find a deal online. They are also not afraid to research their travel plans well in advance of their actual departure to ensure they’re receiving the best deal for their destination.

Creating unique and enticing offers paired with a countdown timer is a great way to create a sense of urgency and shorten the research-to-reservation window. Additionally, making sure you’re utilizing industry channels such as paid search ads on online travel agency (OTA) websites ensures that you can reach your audience during the ever-important Zero Moment of Truth.

However, not every brand is able to use discount pricing and promotions to attract new customers. In such cases, ensuring that your company is found during every stage of the customer’s buying cycle and having a strong social and industry community is incredibly valuable. Understanding the customer’s journey—including the reasons why they do or don’t convert—through a detailed, analytical marketing strategy allows you to ensure that you’re investing your dollars in the right channels. Consider what a 15%, 20%, or even 50% increase in conversion rates could do for your business!

Regardless of your approach to attracting customers with travel internet marketing campaigns, the “micro-moments” are ultimately what make a customer choose you over your competitors.

Simply put, as you review or develop your marketing strategy, make sure you’re planning and optimizing for the entire digital buying cycle. Doing so will result in more “heads in beds” and/or “butts in seats,” higher returns, and increased market share for your business.  

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