Why Brands Should Not Outsource Every Discipline

The “traditional” agency model wasn’t built to engage with in-house teams. That’s where we fit in. We believe every established brand needs a marketing department, which is why we focus on complementing what you do best. We leverage scalable and on-demand resources to fill the right gaps, elevate your strengths, and ensure your marketing works – where it should.


  • You’re looking to add experts to your teamforce  
  • You have key channels under-performing
  • You’ve got a small team and need more hands on deck
  • You’re ready for some new ideas
  • You want to make sure your team is doing the right things and doing them well


  • In-House Staff Augmentation
  • Channel Management
  • Project Consulting
  • Paid Media, SEO & Analytics Audits
  • Custom Training Programs

You Don’t Have to Outsource it All to an Agency but You Can Still Work with One


As an agency, it’s nearly impossible to be all things to all people. Sometimes, the most valuable form of wisdom is recognizing what falls outside of your wheelhouse. Agencies come to BFO when they need a trusted partner who can deliver high-value digital marketing expertise and execution for their clients—not when they need “white-labeled, white hat SEO offerings for $250 a month with guaranteed rankings.” Yeah, we get those emails too. Agencies work with us because they trust us—we reduce your risk, improve client retention, and elevate your overall campaign performance. And they also know that we get results. We work with agencies to help them fill in the gaps, so together we create a complete suite of services for their clients, such as

1-Immediate Support/Extra Bandwidth: We can backfill roles for peak client periods, and as new projects come up, we offer additional experienced resources.

2-Deep Platform Expertise: We have employees dedicated to each marketing tactic—unlike most in-house teams. So your people can focus on their strengths, while we take care of the rest.

3-Strategy and Auditing: Fresh eyes are crucial to find gaps and identify new opportunities to eliminate waste and unlock the hidden value in your existing campaigns.

4-Premium Publisher Support: We have unique access to premium support teams with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

5-Increased Media Buying Power: BFO does a lot of business with display and programmatic vendors, so we can help you engage with lower minimums as well as access to premium inventory. 

6-New Ideas & Strategy: Motivate your in-house teams with a fresh perspective gained from 10 years of helping hundreds of brands and industries.

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