Be Found Online is excited to announce our new partnership with the B2B Marketing Lab, an inbound marketing and digital PR consultancy based in London, England. The B2B Marketing Lab specializes in search & PPC, content creation, lead generation, and social media marketing throughout Europe, and they became an official BrightEdge partner earlier this year. Since then, they’ve been looking for a partner to help expand their reach in North and South America.

The B2B Marketing Lab has a proven track record when it comes to keeping up with emerging trends and new developments in the B2B marketing space. Who could be a better partner for us? Our creative talent and technology-driven approach pair perfectly with the B2B Marketing Lab’s emphasis on inbound marketing and success with lead generation.

This partnership will help strengthen our ability to provide effective, results-oriented campaigns to B2B clients. We’ll also be able to expand our reach into European countries. In turn, BFO will provide support to B2B Marketing Lab’s large-scale enterprise business clients in North America. Our suite of digital marketing solutions makes us uniquely capable of enhancing our new partner’s B2B campaigns. We are working closely with the B2B Marketing Lab to bring high-quality customer service and exceptional search, PPC, and website migration support to a variety of global businesses.

We both bring unique, experienced teams to the table, and we’re confident that this partnership will mutually benefit our fast-growing companies and our clients as well.