Some key aspects of Be Found Online’s culture have always been openness, transparency, and respect. One of the ways this has played out has been our company’s adoption of open book management. We’ve previously shared company finances on an annual basis, but in July 2014 we switched to breaking down our income statements on a weekly basis – with the entire team involved.

Adopting principles from “The Great Game of Business” – and with guidance from GGOB coach, Kevin Walter – our weekly sessions include forecasting, updates on quarterly bonuses, and sales scoreboard reviews.

The result?

Our entire team is watching and paying attention to how the business runs. Instead of only the accountants or owners asking about how business decisions affect our revenues or our profits, every employee considers and challenges decisions from their own standpoint. Employees understand the value of every win and every loss, and not only do they know how they affect the numbers, but how the numbers affect them.

With this approach, we ensure that even as we grow, no one is a cog in a wheel or left in the dark, and that we are all invested in the future of the business. A Great Game of Business, indeed.