Happy Thanksgiving to all! The best holiday of the year is upon us. It is time to gather the family, or friends, serve up the delicious dishes, and turn on the football games. Fall, Football, and Food.

I urge all to watch the parade, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy the show. Thanksgiving is an extraordinary holiday. Give thanks for everything. Of course, we should be grateful most to all of the time, but sometimes we forget to appreciate our blessings on a daily basis. So, let us not forget that today is the one holiday dedicated to stuffing our faces with delicious food and dessert, indulging in red (or white) wine, and enjoying the company of friends and family.

Also, BFO would like to thank you and all of our partners and clients! Thank you!

Enjoy the three F’s! Enjoy the family, enjoy the friends, enjoy life.  Happy Thanksgiving to all and stay safe this lovely holiday!