Organic Search Agency Services

Organic Digital Media to Drive Visibility

Constantly changing search engines. Ever-shifting user trends. Dozens of analytics platforms and even more languages in a global economy. To succeed at organic search today requires a well-defined strategy, a transparent process and a team effort.

BFO’s team includes experts in the fields of SEO, analytics and user experience. And with offices in Chicago, London and Singapore, we can meet a client’s technical and content needs in any locale anywhere in the world with full native language support. This guarantees top organic search results for mobile, local and desktop to meet every goal from increased brand awareness to conversions to revenue.

Our organic search suite consists of four main services:


Achieve top visibility in mobile, desktop and local search with a strategic approach to SEO that keeps you ahead of the ever-evolving search engines. Our SEO experts blend leading analytics tools with a keen understanding of how to leverage keywords to create and promote content users want, find new opportunities and appeal to search engines. Through constant analysis and optimization, brands will see the ROI generated by their SEO efforts.


Nothing connects with users like high-quality content. Brands that build a reputation for great, consistent content increase their visibility fast and grow even faster. They connect with their audience on a more personal level and increase brand loyalty. BFO’s content team features professional writers, editors, graphic designers and analysts who help clients develop ideas, plan content calendars, create engaging content and measure results.


Nothing boosts organic search results like a site people visit frequently for its seamless user experience. We work with our clients to ensure their customers get a premium user experience. Our process applies both quantitative and qualitative data to gain a complete understanding of how users experience your site. This provides objective third-party feedback that can be applied and turned into immediate results such as increased downloads, a better conversion rate and purchases.

Local SEO

The continued growth of mobile requires brands focus on local SEO to capitalize on opportunities in local markets, wherever that might be across the globe. This requires management of factors like NAP and reviews and a focus on content that speaks to local users in their language. BFO offers clients a proven local program in-country and overseas with an international team of experts who can support the technical demands of foreign search engines and content produced by native language speakers.