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Amplify Content Marketing & Drive Traffic With Paid Media

The Be FoundTM  services help our clients be seen by their key customers. Our talented team of marketers provides a comprehensive variety of paid media services, including Paid Search, Remarketing, Display Advertising, Programmatic Buying, Shopping Campaigns & Product Feed Management, YouTube Advertising, Social Media Advertising, and International Search.

BFO Does It Differently

At BFO, we’re armed with the tools and expertise to promote your brand, amplify your content, and drive traffic to your website with proven, advanced paid media techniques. We’ll work with you to define strategies that are suited to your advertising needs and goals, whether you want to launch an effective display campaign or deliver your content to a wider social media audience. Our strategies are executed by a team of capable, creative, and hard-working people with analytical minds.

We are constantly adapting our capabilities to meet new developments in paid media, in order to help our clients deliver the most relevant ads to the right audience at the right time. Our approach to display advertising is backed by advanced techniques that maximize the value of every impression. We also understand the benefits of automation in display buying, and our programmatic buying strategies use the latest technology to drive real, positive results for your business.

Our extensive experience with paid search makes BFO uniquely qualified to help build a precision search campaign that’s customized for your brand. We bring our expertise to shopping campaigns on Google, Bing, and Amazon to help manage and optimize your product feeds. We welcome the challenges of paid search and use a variety of technologies and tools to bring qualified leads to your website at a targeted price per click. Plus, our powerful remarketing strategies will help reel in customers for the long haul.

BFO can also help your business reach new audiences on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with highly targeted advertising tactics designed to increase brand awareness across these popular digital marketing platforms. Our integrated approach to paid media can enhance individual campaigns and keep your advertising efforts in line with your overall digital marketing goals.

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