Digital Marketing Analytics Consulting Services

Analytics isn’t about collecting data. It’s about collecting the right data. Those data points that align with marketing and business goals while revealing key user behaviors enable you to personalize content that answers questions, streamlines the user experience and drives conversions.

BFO provides a full analytics consulting strategy that includes advanced tools like the Google Analytics 360 Suite and site audits featuring proprietary technology. Our process identifies the most relevant KPIs while the technology simplifies data capture, analysis and reporting. As a result, clients increase the data that illustrates the user experience and makes for informed decisions while decreasing the time and cost needed to analyze it.

Our analytics suite consists of four main services:

GA 360

Data can empower decision-making and draw you closer to your audience, or lead you astray. Free analytics tools offer many great features for brands, but can quickly become a liability as traffic increases due to restrictions. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we offer a complete set of tools and platforms including the Google Analytics 360 Suite. While not for everyone, it guarantees data high-traffic brands can trust to extract the wealth of data contained in every web page.

Analytics Audits

A Google Analytics audit evaluates data accuracy, finds new opportunities to leverage the platform and enhance analysis, and provides a clear picture of user behavior from first contact to conversion. Audits also ensure a brand is using the best platform for their needs. BFO uses a comprehensive three-step strategy so every audit delivers to clients actionable insights and practical recommendations.


Conversion rate optimization can be maddening. User behaviors are constantly shifting, as is search. The growth and dominance of mobile, voice and local search only adds to the complexity. BFO simplifies CRO through a simple philosophy: “every website is in beta.” This view helps produce immediate lifts to conversion rates and creates a practice of constant optimization to provide the highest, most consistent conversion rates possible.


Turn your data and analytics into actionable insights to develop a deeper relationship with your audience and customers. Understand user behavior through advanced analytics tools like Google Analytics 360 Suite, Tealium and more. Glean insights through KPIs and use reporting to track trends, user preferences and market shifts to maintain your brand authority and find new audiences and opportunities.