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Taking Advantage of Facebook Advertising for Your Lead Generation Efforts

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Marketers who have had the opportunity to delve into the world of paid search over the past decade have seen firsthand the differences between traditional marketing methods and marketing methods used online. Things aren’t as intuitive as they used to be. Back then, there was no Facebook advertising for lead generation.

In the old days, we profiled “target demographics,” created personas, crunched the numbers, and inferred what they like to eat in the morning, what kind of shoes they wore, how they felt about their bosses, and how they spent their recreational time. All this information was gathered, organized, and presented to our clients and/or superiors in a Mad Men-style presentation with a bulletproof POA. We were geniuses!

And then there was paid search. As a major disruption to the marketing world, paid search has forced marketers and advertisers to see the world in a new light. At any given moment, more than 3 billion people worldwide are logged in online, with more than 300 million in the US alone. As marketers, we had to retrain ourselves when it came to paid search. Things have become all about keywords and demand.

facebook advertising for lead generation

We couldn’t tell mighty Google that we wanted to serve our waffle ads to Sally, the middle-aged homeowner with three kids and a dog, who likes to eat bagels for breakfast out in the suburbs of St. Louis, MO. Instead, we had to start targeting people in St. Louis, MO who were searching for “waffles.” And if no one was searching for waffles…well, then no one was searching for waffles, and we don’t look so genius after all.

This problem is extremely solvable. However, it becomes a little more frustrating for businesses that depend on lead generation. Once we get a read on demand, we can sell quite easily online. But there are a lot of us who still need actual people

Luckily, we have the ever-expanding platform of Facebook. With the constant disruption in the digital marketing space, Facebook is continually improving to meet the needs of marketers, especially those who depend on lead generation. Let’s take a look at using Facebook advertising for lead generation.

Why Use Facebook Advertising for Lead Generation?

Facebook is leading the industry as far as social advertising goes, so we’ll cover how to implement Facebook within your marketing strategy—and in particular, how to align it with the Don Draper-like presentation you gave to your client complete with personas and heavy demo info!

  • Because everyone’s doing it: First of all, 92% of social marketers use Facebook Advertising. Facebook ad prices increased by 247% from Q2 to Q3 of 2014. This is both a good and bad thing. It shows us that marketers are increasingly seeing the importance of Facebook, which, in turn, means that we have to be cognizant of how we target ads. They may not come at the bargain prices we have seen in the past.
  • Because that’s where your audience is: The average American spends 40 minutes per day on Facebook, more than any other network. 49% of consumers “like” a Facebook page to support a favorite brand. Chances are, your market is on Facebook. Facebook has over 1.4 billion members worldwide with 22 billion ad clicks per year. Why not take advantage of it?
  • Because it’s effective: Average CTRs are around .2% and CPCs hover around $0.80. In other words, Facebook advertising offers significantly lower costs with a larger volume/audience than paid search. You can spend $10 – $20 a day on Facebook and still see reasonable advertising results. (Some have reported $1 a day…I’ll have to see it to believe it.)
  • Because it’s targeted: In total, 1 million advertisers are spending over $8 billion on Facebook Advertising. Why? Because unlike Facebook’s leading competitor, Adwords, Facebook can target your leads by age, gender, language, interest, zip code, city, DMA, state, country, region, online behaviors, relationship status, education background, career, employment background, financial profile, ethnicity, generation, parental status, age of children, political preference, life events, event attendance, app usage, mobile usage, and pages liked. This list is further expanded upon by third-party vendors Datalogix, Acxiom, Epsilon, and BlueKai for online behavioral targeting.
  • The daunting amount of Facebook targeting options—and there are more, including the ability to retarget, which is huge—give you and your client complete control over your marketing funnel.

With Facebook Advertising, you create demand and capitalize on demand (demand generation), whereas, with paid search, you capitalize on demand (demand fulfillment). Facebook also offers the benefit of advance performance measurement, which means we can quickly figure out what is working and what isn’t working. Using Facebook advertising for lead generation just makes sense.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

If your client or boss still isn’t convinced, there’s a secret weapon we haven’t mentioned: Facebook Lead Gen ads. It doesn’t get any more straightforward than that. Lead ads allow potential leads to sign up and send information directly into the actual ad, thereby eliminating time and steps within the process. Once your potential lead clicks on the ad, they automatically see a form that is already filled out with information they’ve shared with Facebook. What’s more is that the ads are mobile-friendly. It doesn’t get any easier!

Still have questions about Facebook advertising for lead generation? Check out our ebook, The Marketer’s Guide to Managing and Maximizing Lead Generation Success.