Marketing Analytics Consulting

Every page of your website contains valuable customer data. Activity on mobile and desktop can deliver powerful insights into how users like to interact with your brand. Unlock this data and every page becomes a highly valued asset with the power to deliver an enhanced user experience, boost conversion rates, and advance your business goals.

BFO’s marketing analytics consulting captures this data and delivers analysis in clear and simple reports with actionable recommendations.

Our Methodology

We tell our clients to put us on speed-dial. Changes in user behavior, company goals, and a constantly shifting digital landscape make data a vital element to every marketing decision. We understand our clients rely on us to keep them informed on the progress of web marketing efforts and keep digital marketing campaigns unified toward pre-established objectives.

To do this, we keep our engagement process simple. First, we assess your data to guarantee reliability. Then we’ll work as your data integrity partner and leverage analytics to improve your website user experience. Here’s what it looks like:

Data Driven Marketing Optimization

Great decisions come from great data. We provide data optimization as a one-time service to ensure clean, trustworthy data. Part of the process involves a review of a client’s short and long-term goals to align site and campaign data with those pre-defined business goals.

Data optimization includes a thorough examination of a client’s website and analytical platform. We employ a comprehensive range of strategies to evaluate, optimize, and guarantee accurate reporting.

We begin with an analytics audit. Here we leverage tools like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, and Clicky to generate tracking tag, settings, and KPI audits. We also take time to review the website to identify any possible points where a user might click away. Results from these audits guides recommendations on how to improve each web page’s conversion funnel and any potential changes needed on the site.

Next, we implement reporting, setup the analytics dashboard, and set alerts. For Ecommerce sites, we validate setup, test purchase features, and add code to capture appropriate sales data for analysis.

Finally, we update current tag management applications or apply site tags with Google Tag Manager and Tealium so we can precisely track user activity on the site.

User Experience Consulting

Your customer is the entire reason for marketing analytics. While paid ads and SEO get customers to your site, analytics makes it possible to improve site navigation and improve conversion rates.

Through our proprietary Click Intelligence data analysis platform we create a “heat map.” Combined with attribution analysis, we can report on user behavior and key touch points across your website. As we develop a deeper understanding of the user experience, we may set new goals and discover new opportunities you can capitalize on.

Unleash the Power of Your Website Data

Some clients ask us to train staff to use analytical tools to better understand both their desktop and mobile website performance. Whether you want to outsource marketing analytics or make us a part of the team, our services can fit your needs.

The BFO analytics team can unleash the power of valuable website data and turn it into an important tool in the quest to create high-quality user experiences and improve customer conversion rates.

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