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We believe Google’s #1 position among search engines makes every digital marketing company a Google Analytics Agency. But Google Analytics is only a tool to gather data. What businesses need is an agency that combines insight with innovation and expertise to turn that tool into a key that unlocks the wealth of data stored in every mobile and desktop web page.

At BFO, we embrace Google Analytics, but have also uncovered ways to get more from the data. Through our reporting and analysis, our clients have uncovered (and reached!) new and even more ambitious digital marketing goals…and some have even discovered new revenue opportunities based on how their customers used the website.

Our innovation and expertise allows us to keep a simple Google Analytics philosophy: We let our data speak for itself.

How We Work

If you can’t trust your data, it’s useless. And frankly, it’s not an overstatement to say digital marketing campaigns run on inaccurate or incomplete data are doomed. We’ve seen it and it’s not pretty.

That’s why the first phase of our engagement process includes a full audit and optimization of your site and Google Analytics platform. Through this we validate and assure data integrity.

Transparency is at the heart of our process. So we’ll then sit down to review the audit findings with recommended approaches for both mobile and desktop platforms. We want you to understand how you will gain more value from your data, along with potential opportunities to capture immediate short-term gains. This first step is vital to align data with your business goals.

Next, we optimize your Google Analytics platform as needed. Finally, we setup reporting and perform advanced integrations for more in-depth reporting on user behavior and site use.

For Ecommerce clients, we apply a thorough Ecommerce setup process. This includes performing test purchases and adding code to the website to ensure all appropriate sales data gets captured by Google Analytics.

The next phase includes monitoring and tracking, regular reporting of site activity and campaigns, and meeting to review goals and set new ones as appropriate.

Technology Transforms Data into Conversions

How users navigate your website reveals what they want. Perhaps more importantly, it tells you how they want to spend money with you. We take Google Analytics and create data heat maps to expose what’s hot with your website visitors.

This attribution analysis uses data to help deliver the content or products in greatest demand.

Some of our clients use Google Analytics Premium and some use Google Analytics standard. We work with both. But we like to increase the data value of each of these platforms, so we also use tag management systems like Tealium, Google Tag Manager and our own proprietary Click Intelligence data analysis platform.

Ongoing Training & Support

As a full service Google Analytics agency, we offer ongoing technical support and training. We train client staff on how to use analytical tools to understand their website’s performance. Customized training in a company’s vertical and Google Analytics Certification Training are also available.

Digital marketing remains unique in the amount of data captured along every step of the customer engagement. Through Google Analytics you can put that data work for you.

Start a conversation with BFO about how we can make Google Analytics a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal…and the key that unlocks a wealth of customer data from your website.

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