E-Commerce Marketing and Prime Online Real Estate

E-commerce brands must be ready to build a consistent experience across owned channels and distributed marketplaces, like Amazon and Google Shopping, to achieve the greatest impact. But promoting your products in the right place and at the right time should be considered table stakes. As an online retailer, you also have to build your brand and balance all the pieces harmoniously, and to do that, you need an e-commerce marketing agency that gets the big picture.


  • Competing with (and taking advantage of) Amazon 
  • Building your brand in price-driven shopping marketplaces
  • Managing your shopping feeds across fragmented marketplaces
  • Optimizing against variable product margins to maximize ROI
  • Producing compelling and engaging content for each stage of the sales funnel
  • Leveraging machine learning and bid and budget automation to react to changing market conditions in real time


  • ROI (yes, ROAS too)
  • Cost per Acquisition
  • Average Order Size
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Diversify Traffic Channels
  • Grow Direct Customers

From the Back Room to the Top Shelf


Revenue may be the single most important data point to an e-commerce brand, but it’s not the only thing that matters, especially to your customers. BFO exists to help e-commerce brands execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We help brands win prime online real estate across the increasingly fragmented digital landscape to get in front of your customers when and where it matters. Leveraging the latest tactics with industry best practices, our e-commerce solutions are designed to build your brand while marketing your products and increasing revenue. Our primary objective is to work closely with your team to build on your strengths and find new opportunities to deliver measurable ROI because that’s what e-commerce is all about.

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