Hungry Customers Wait for No One

Whether you are a fine dining, casual dining, or quick-service restaurant owner, your business revolves around customers and their appetites. And so must your restaurant digital marketing strategy. Restaurants are unlike other businesses because they need to show up in local search results, create awareness, and drive foot traffic at very specific times.


  • Demand is often immediate and extremely localized
  • Intense competition within a small local footprint
  • Developing a localized customer experience while taking advantage of regional or national media efficiencies for multi-location brands
  • Alignment between the franchisees’ and corporate brand’s goals
  • Navigating the increase of food delivery services such as GrubHub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.
  • Building and maintaining customer loyalty
  • Accurate measurement and attribution of in-store sales


  • Online Orders
  • Catering Orders (when available)
  • Store Visits
  • Drive-to-Store Intent
  • In-Footprint Market Share
  • Increasing the number of franchisees

“Make a Reservation”


BFO knows restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, and for over a decade, we’ve created powerful restaurant digital marketing strategies to fit them. Using our proprietary “Nationally Local” approach, we can help you deliver the localized experience your customers expect, with the scale and efficiency that restaurant brands require. This is accomplished by combining localized and hyper-targeted digital strategies, so your restaurant(s) shows up to the right customer, at the right moment.

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