Retail Digital Marketing: How Local Can You Go?

Today you’ve not only got to reach customers where and when they’re ready to buy, but you’ve also got to nurture a loyal customer base. Capitalizing on the unique qualities of your business is a great place to start, but do you understand your ROI across different channels, both online and in-store? Retail brands need to improve brand loyalty, drive store visits and maximize profits, and to accomplish this they need a retail digital marketing plan that leverages the power of localization.


  • Balancing online and in-store sales
  • Covering a regional or national footprint while providing a localized customer experience
  • Measuring attribution with an omni-channel marketing strategy
  • Generating and maintaining brand and customer loyalty
  • Optimizing marketing channel distribution


  • Increasing foot traffic to physical locations
  • Online/e-commerce sales
  • Market share and market penetration
  • Increasing brand awareness

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Despite all the changes in retail, we know revenue remains king—both online and in-store. We’ve been at this for over 10 years, creating retail digital marketing strategies that help brands defend their physical turf while helping them find new markets as they shift to e-commerce. We’re here to help retailers unlock the value in all digital touchpoints to drive revenue today while building your brand for what’s next.

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