The Complex World of SaaS

SaaS marketers are faced with an unenviable task. They must balance multiple entry points from leads to demos to trials to the metrics that really matter: MRR and ARR. Buzzwords aside, enterprise sales start with human to human contact. You need to connect with decision-makers, daily users, and everyone in between. Software as a service marketing is challenging, indeed – but together we can make it hum.


  • Reaching key stakeholders at prospective accounts
  • Navigating a highly-competitive digital landscape
  • Reaching customers throughout the entire buyer journey
  • Managing long sales cycles which require consistent and effective communication


  • Generate demos & trial accounts
  • Monetize “freemium” services
  • Book enterprise sales meetings
  • Target multiple stakeholders
  • Increase cross-sells and upsells
  • Improve retention with client marketing

Get in Front of the Users & Decision Makers Who Matter


BFO can help your brand strategize and develop specific content to drive awareness and traffic. Which in turn, leads to an increase in customer acquisition across multiple channels. But our real secret? We don’t simply help marketing teams drive demos, we help their sales team connect and close the deal. We realize most large SaaS contracts don’t close without a conversation – so we help them humanize their sales process and convert more MRR.