Paid Media Advertising Agency Services


Audience filtering and segmentation makes paid media advertising an incredible tool for digital marketers. They can experiment to find new audiences, learn about audience preferences based on views and clicks, and do niche marketing. Automation makes it possible to use paid media to generate leads, nurture leads, retarget audiences and with programmatic, leverage machine speed to optimize on-the-fly for maximum message impact at the lowest possible cost.

BFO’s paid media process combines these tools with a data-driven strategy and creative to bring brands closer to their audiences, meet and exceed their goals, drive conversions and uncover new revenue opportunities.

Our paid media suite consists of four main services:

Paid Search

PPC ads remain a powerful paid media tool to drive traffic to landing pages, websites and ecommerce sites, especially for mobile, voice and local search. Our PPC management services leverage analytics to reach highly targeted audiences for an efficient CPC. Compelling ad copy attracts high-quality leads and improves conversions for paid search campaigns that accelerate your ROI.


Attract attention and engage users in a powerful way with display ads. Graphics make these ads memorable for the right audience and can be an excellent way to feed landing pages, build brand awareness or contribute an effective visual element to a larger integrated digital marketing campaign. Our process identifies the best placement and distribution, whether it’s for retargeting efforts, through programmatic buying or via display networks.

Paid Social

Capitalize on the direct consumer contact offered by paid social advertising to generate leads, connect with new audiences and sell (and upsell) to current customers. With paid social, every ad brings you closer to your audience. Our process applies attribution analytics with conversion to understand what content resonates with users, produces clicks and moves you closer to your campaign and marketing goals.


The speed and adaptability of programmatic buying can make it an incredible tool for digital marketers. Ads get served and optimized on-the-go to maximize their audience impact, instantly accounting for data variables it would take days for marketers to analyze and respond. Success, however, comes to those marketers who remember that while machines compute at unbelievable speeds, humans do the buying. BFO’s strategic programmatic buying process blends the speed of computing with the innate insight of user-centric content.