UA Data Disappears In...

What's included in BFO's Universal Analytics Backup Solution?

Raw Data Backup

BigQuery, CSV, or Google Sheets: We're all about options here at BFO, but our experts highly recommend that you utilize BigQuery for your raw data backup due to the volume of data being stored. Simply put, a UA export exceeds the row limitations of CSV and Google Sheets in most cases. 

Looker Studio Dashboard

A user-friendly overview of your UA data. Including in-depth pages on Audiences, User Acquisition , Behavior, Landing Page Performance, Page Path Reports, Events, eCommerce, Goals, Users, and Demographics. 


What Data is Included in Your UA Backup?*

  • Traffic Acquisition by Channel 
  • Referral Traffic
  • Google Ads Campaign Performance
    • Requires Google Ads to have been linked to Universal Analytics
  • Google Ads Search Queries
    • Requires Google Ads to have been linked to Universal Analytics
  • Acquisition Overview
  • Audience Behavior & Engagement 
  • Audience Demographics (Age,  Gender, Geolocation, Interests, Language, Mobile Devices, Browser Information, OS Information)
  • Behavior & Content Overview
  • eCommerce Conversions Overview by Product
  • eCommerce Conversions Overview by Promotion
  • eCommerce Conversions Overview by Transaction
  • eCommerce Product Refunds Overview
  • Conversion Goals by Traffic Source
  • Events by Event Category, Action, and Label
  • Events by Geolocation
  • Events by Source with Detail 

*Custom data tables available. Contact BFO and speak with an expert today to learn more about this option.

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From acquiring new customers to tackling multi-touch attribution to developing an urgent media plan overnight – the BFO team has consistently gone the extra mile to both get it right and make it right. There are few digital agencies that balance the art and science of organic and paid media quite like BFO. They are passionate. They care. They wear orange.

Carla D’Alessandro, CMO at Brightline


We hired BFO and the orange man, Dan Golden, to help us build out an SEO strategy and engagement has been top-notch since day 1. BFO’s team is super quick and responsive and has exceeded expectations on deliverables across the board. I am excited about some upcoming projects where BFO will get even further ingrained with our team/strategy (we are re-doing sections of our website, aligning our paid search and SEO strategy, etc). Big stuff is coming and BFO is the strategic (and fun) partner we needed to get us to the next level.

Jeff Matthews, Director of Growth Marketing at Basis Technologies


The team at BFO was highly skilled and a pleasure to work with. As an SEO myself, I was consistently impressed with their level of industry knowledge.

Taylor Wilson, SEO Manager at Penn Foster

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