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Dan Golden is Big Cheese here at BFO. As the Co-Founder/President, he’s the guy that has predicted the future for the last five years as being the ‘year of mobile.’ And, as a digital marketing geek, he actually spends time auditing accounts, testing new tactics and diving into analytics. For the last 10 years, Dan has led his tirelessly working staff to the #1 Best Place to Work according to Ad Age and has been instrumental in placing us as a finalist for Best Large PPC and SEO agencies at the US Search Awards.

Dan is the visionary type, he has taken our company from infancy as a paid research agency to a full-service performance digital media agency. His excitement about anything ‘techy’ is contagious. But, aside from that, Dan is a car fanatic, getting his career started running search for ConsumerGuide Automotives and running the Toyota/Lexus accounts at Performics.

He’s the ‘go man’ in generating new ideas and helping brands solve complex issues…as well as being the ultimate sounding board for Staff.

By the way, he is also a family mad and father of two…and is a music lover who actually toured with bands (but that’s a whole other story)!

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