Excellent SEO and great UX go hand-in-hand in making a high-quality landing page. Keyword-rich content helps potential customers find you from search engines, while a well-planned and thoroughly tested user experience encourages them to convert. Let’s look at some quick tips for creating SEO- and UX-friendly landing pages to help bring traffic to your company’s website.

Landing Pages for SEO: Tips

First, focus on your primary keyword in your key page elements. To ensure your landing page performs as well as possible on relevant SERPs, make sure this keyword appears in the following:

  • URL
  • Title tag
  • H1
  • Meta description
  • Body copy

Create unique and persuasive content. Your landing page content should draw in potential customers from start to finish. Keep it brief to retain interest, and make sure your copy is well-written, relevant, and proofread.

Ensure quick load times. Page load time is vital—too slow and users are likely to hit the “back” button. In fact, the average user’s patience limit is about 3 seconds. Large images and resource-intensive design elements can add precious seconds to your landing page’s load time. Work with your site’s developers to reduce the chance of missing out on traffic to your page. Also, be sure to optimize for mobile as well!

Landing Pages for UX: Tips

Test layout variations. Figure out what users respond best to. Experiment with:

  1. Style: Try various button shapes and styles.
  2. Color: High-contrast, complementary colors stand out best. The user’s eye should be drawn to the call-to-action button and the contact form.
  3. Placement: Try different locations for the page’s buttons, form, and call-to-action.

Test your navigation options. You can choose to navigate back to the rest of the site, or not. Using the landing page to highlight only the CTA may encourage more conversions. However, not providing links to other pages on your site is not helpful for users who were searching for a different page; it may leave them with no choice but to go back to the search engine and try again to find what they were looking for.

A high-quality, SEO-rich, and thoughtfully designed landing page can be a boon for your business, bringing traffic to your site and converting customers. For more information search tactics to drive revenue for your business, check out our ebook below!


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