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BFO proposed working closely with the client to move partner reporting to Data Studio, which would automate the reporting process and simplify it as any member of the client's team could handle the task.

A massive time saver, this also meant no more manual pulling of Google Analytics reports and no more confusion in reading them.

Together, BFO and the client created a custom Data Studio report that fit the client's needs. We started with a skeleton report that wasn't being used by the client, as it simply didn't work with their specific needs.

After meeting with the client's analyst to discuss what they currently provided and also what they aren't able to show partners, BFO worked to add these elements into Data Studio to pull automatically from their Google Analytics account.


With our experience in knowing what's important to a lot of clients, we started designing the template with other visuals and metrics the client may want to eventually provide to their partners. BFO created different page design options so the client could easily select what they like, and what they didn't.

Approximately one month in, these new reports were in a working format, allowing the client to introduce them to partners, converting them to the new style of reporting. These reports focused solely on Google analytics data.

Soon, the client wanted to add LinkedIn and Google Ads data into the dashboards for partners that were running campaigns. We continued our previous process of understanding what needed to be shown, designing layout options, receiving feedback, and adjusting - a whole lot of adjusting - to meet the client's needs.


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"BFO's implementation of dashboards using Data Studio for our partner program has saved time, money, and our sanity! we were using a very archaic way of reporting and knew we needed to change. It was just a matter of finding the time to commit to revamping the process. Knowing what we know now, we wish we had migrated sooner. Instead of wasting time manually piecemealing reports together, we now use our time productively by providing valuable guidance to our partners with rich data provided in the dashboards. It has made working in this field exciting again - instead of feeling bogged down by mindless tasks."