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Our solution was to work with the client and scale a comprehensive digital media strategy across a variety of platforms. In blurring the lines between brand awareness and direct response advertising, this would bridge the gap across platforms, allowing each platform to symbiotically complement one another.

When we worked with the client to drive traffic to the company blog, their website visitors became a part of our “Remarketing List” (Google) as well as our “Website Custom Audiences” on Facebook and Twitter.

From there, we were able to use those lists for targeting on promotions and ad flights.

Another service we provided Bai was our analytics consulting. In using Custom Dashboards in Google Analytics, along with Google Trends, we were able to scale spend and capitalize on new opportunities. This piece improved visibility on how our digital initiatives affected store-level (offline) conversions, as well as build the client’s brand awareness.


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Before turning to BFO for assistance with its digital marketing strategies, the client was only running Google Search. Once they began working with BFO, we added remarketing, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter to the client’s strategy. We also ran Hulu ads for Bai’s new flavor launch during shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Iron Chef and more.

And the rest is history… shortly thereafter, the client was bought by Dr. Pepper and named one of America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes.