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We worked directly with the client's internal development team to ensure our recommendations were implemented correctly.

For SEO and website migrations, specifically, an internal development team is crucial for implementation and greatly helps accomplish goals. We brought our vast experience in mitigating traffic loss and keyword ranking drops that typically occur when websites are migrated to help build a strong plan for execution.

BFO recommended a large redirect map of 301 permanent redirects (the most important line of defense in migrations), that involved thousands of URLs from the old site, and from a recently acquired company’s site.We carried out a pre-launch audit on the staging site and caught many problems with metadata and internal links that we were able to fix prior to launch. Upon launch, we immediately checked to see if the redirects were currently implemented, and that our sitemap was submitted and pages were being indexed. We also conducted a post-launch audit to look for additional issues.


To Fully Recover Keyword Rankings


To Fully Recover Sessions Lost


in Average Recovery Time!

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Part of our practice during website migrations is to conduct a baseline report that captures session statistics, engagement, page speed, keyword rankings, and site crawls on a weekly basis leading up and following the migration. This allows us to see exactly how the migration is affecting the website from a variety of angles. Normally following migrations, sites can experience up to a 20% loss in organic traffic that is typically recovered in a period of 3-6 months. In the case of this migration, which also included a new domain name, we recovered fully from session loss in 1 ½ months time, reducing the recovery time by up to 75%! 

Our overall keyword rankings were fully recovered in the same amount of time. This data was pulled from our baseline report, google search console impressions and clicks, and SEMrush keyword ranking historical data. Although the technical SEO aspects were covered very well, we were reminded that, during a migration with a rebrand, we need to work more closely with the marketing team to ensure mentions of the old brand are changed everywhere outside of the website as well.