Last weekend, Google issued penalties to websites with outbound links considered unnatural, artificial, deceptive, or manipulative.  

BFO would never put our clients in a position where they would have to worry about being penalized for unnatural links.  We are happy to report that none of our clients have been affected.  

Google issued penalties to sites deemed to have bought or participated in link schemes to manipulate Page Rank, such as websites that exchange links for products.  

Here is some of the message Google sent:  



Penalized sites received a Manual Action against their outbound links that may be site-wide or affect only partial areas depending on the extent of the linking.  This action may also affect the sites with the inbound links from the penalized sites.  

Why is this important?

The organic search performance of your website relies heavily on the quality of your inbound link profile. Strong inbound links from highly relevant websites are crucial to your site’s organic search performance.  

Links like these need to be acquired naturally. There is no benefit to having unnatural links. That means they weren’t bought, purchased, or acquired through some form of compensation for the sole purpose of acquiring better rankings/increased organic search traffic. Many of the sites penalized this weekend were bloggers posting reviews in exchange for free products according to Google.

The BFO policy is one of transparency and organic growth through natural link building. If you do have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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