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Lending a hand in Las Vegas with Caesars’ Heroes

June 5, 2018
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Caesars’ HERO employee volunteer program

Thirty-two lunches per minute…

Last month, during one of our trips to see a client in Las Vegas, we were invited to spend a day volunteering with that client—Caesars Entertainment—and a community partner of theirs: Three Square Food Bank. The plan? Feed the needy. Were we excited? You betcha.

You see, volunteering and giving back to the community are right up our alley at Be Found Online. It’s an understatement to say our values are important to us. Every single day, in everything we do, we think, care and deliver.

We were pretty excited for this opportunity—so excited, in fact, that it’s possible we invited ourselves to pitch in (and not just for the cool t-shirts). So, we rolled up our sleeves, blasted a little Fugees, belted out a tune or two, and took assembly line food prep to new levels. With roughly 60 volunteers in total, the goal that day was to pack 4,500 lunches by noon. Yep, that’s 32 per minute.

Joined by members of Caesars’ HERO employee volunteer program, our CEO, Steve Krull, and Account Director, Michael Klein, worked alongside Three Square Food Bank volunteers in their Community Kitchen. A great time was had by all; we enjoyed meeting and working with a passionate and fun group of people to pack fresh and nutritious meals for local children. Let’s just say there was a lot of broccoli flowing that day.

Did you know more than 207,000 children in southern Nevada lose access to free or reduced-price meals when school is not in session? Three Square’s operation combines food banking, food rescue and ready-to-eat meals to achieve a “hunger-free community.” It’s no wonder they were able to distribute more than 36 million meals in 2017 through a network of 1,600 community partners, including Caesars.

In the words of Michael Klein: “Spending the day with Caesars Entertainment and Three Square Food Bank was by far one of the most humbling, and yet rewarding, experiences I’ve had in my life.”

Not one to be overshadowed, Steve Krull added: “The client couldn’t have been nicer, welcoming Michael & me with open arms. A hearty thank you to Caesars for allowing us to join their HEROs – and for life, always teaching us lessons.”

All in all, we’d say our day with Caesars Entertainment and Three Square Food Bank is one for the books.

Three Square Food Bank sources food, raises funds and relies on volunteers to help supply their program partners with the food and services they need to provide wholesome food directly to hungry people in hundreds of neighborhood locations in Southern Nevada.

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