Content Development Services

We help our clients meet their search and content marketing goals through our full content creation agency services.

Content creates interest, builds relationships, and sells. Today more than ever, a company needs quality writing to connect with their audience, maintain their attention, and keep the edge over the competition. While websites, lead generation pieces, blogs and articles may have different goals, each needs to stir a customer response to drive your marketing efforts.

Content Development Strategy

Our strategy begins with your customer. We take the time to get to know, research, and understand what keeps them up at night. By knowing your customer and target market we can craft engaging copy that converts.

We can help determine the best voice and tone to use so that we can match your brand strategy with a specific ad campaign. The BFO content team has a vast background and range of experience allowing us to write voices from rock-stars to cardio-surgeons.

For web content development, our writers collaborate with our SEO team to ensure the copy produces the best search results. After all, some content can focus solely on human readers, but a lot needs to accommodate search engine spiders too!

Before you see a piece of content, it goes through several rigorous and proven edit cycles to ensure you get work that’s ready to publish.

Content Types

Our content development services include blogs, web pages, landing pages, ebooks, and really just about anything you’d want to write and publish. And our content developers always work with your search and overall marketing strategy in mind. We apply a wide range of content development tools and BFO’s content team is BrightEdge certified.

Beyond writing, we can work with your team to develop content and editorial calendars. This ensures you publish high-quality content consistently and on-time to create and manage customer expectations.

Whether you have a one-time need or a need for on-going content production, BFO’s content development services deliver high-quality, engaging content integrated with your wider search and marketing strategies.

Start a conversation with BFO to find out if we’re a good fit for your content marketing needs.

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