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Paid Search (PPC) Management Services

Google Adwords and Bing Ads often start the conversation, but our comprehensive services cover every aspect of online paid media advertising. That’s why we call our experts a Paid Media team.

From Google to YouTube to Amazon, we approach every client’s digital ad campaign as a unique challenge to drive highly qualified visitors to a website, landing page, or micro-site to achieve the target KPI. At BFO, we combine our love of statistics with customer-centric ad content through a well-defined strategy and transparent approach.

Passion drives our process. It starts with questions to understand the client’s goals and develop practical KPIs to measure success. Our clients know our paid media team for “geeking-out” throughout the entire process. From campaign implementation to finding solutions or opportunities to capitalizing on ongoing shifts in the customer focus. Our team readily adapts to the ever-changing paid media landscape. Analysis and reporting tools deliver actionable data for every paid campaign.

Digital Advertising Strategies

We apply our expertise to our client’s goals. This may include building a brand, promoting products and services, or driving downloads.

Paid Search Campaigns. Strategy and innovation combined with the right combination of keywords and targeted ad copy, comprehensive customer segmentation, and a little artistry are all used to help our clients achieve, and exceed, their digital goals.

Mobile Advertising. Mobile search is number one and a huge opportunity for retailers, restaurants, and service providers. We apply mobile ad best practices, local listings, and trends like “near me” searches to produce the best results for our clients.

Video Advertising. Video advertising helps give your brand a voice, engage with your audience, and tell your story. Whether you want longer play-through rates or conversions for greater website traffic, our paid media team uses a variety of analytics tools to target users and optimize your video on YouTube, Hulu, Yahoo! Gemini, and Facebook.

App Advertising. Our team applies mobile app advertising strategies to help you reach the right audience at the right time.

Shopping Campaigns

Selling a product online?

We work with Comparison Shopping Engines including Amazon, eBay, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, and We also work with search-based shopping like Google Shopping, and Bing Product Ads.

The BFO paid media team also supports Product Feed Management to optimize and test to ensure the feed is in-line with search engine rules and specifications. We manage merchant centers and add insight to product lines, imagery, titles, and descriptions.


It’s essential to understand paid search data and metrics to ensure campaign success. But those clicks are not the only sources of conversion and responses.

  • Mobile ad call tracking represents vital response for many businesses.
  • “Offline” networks like iBeacon and in-store networks also reflect opportunities to identify paid ad success.
  • Tag management tools like Tealium and Google tag manager inform businesses engaged in eCommerce about user activity in response to paid search as well.

BFO’s paid media team engages with these analytics to deliver advanced reporting to provide a comprehensive view of paid search results.

Contact BFO today to find out how our paid search services can help your products become top search results in the digital media spaces where your customers live.

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