Remarketing Service Agency for Targeted Results

We help clients convert prospective mobile and desktop customers who visited their website but clicked away without conversion. We also help clients target other users who have searched for and visited similar sites.

The fact they clicked to your site (or a similar one!) means the products you offer interest them. Frankly, sometimes it just takes more than a single visit to convert the download, offer or sale. A remarketing campaign keeps your name in front of the customer so they don’t forget about you or wander off to one of your competitors.

Retargeting, with a Personal Touch

We re-engage with users based on their behavior. Since they didn’t convert on the first visit, we know the remarketing ads need to offer greater appeal. To achieve this, we get into the mind of your target customer to better understand why they didn’t convert the first time.

Our unique approach focuses on your customer. We do research combining user behavior and website data. Through marketing analytics we review your website’s user experience to see if there are drop-off points or other potential disconnect points. No one ever wants to find a drop-off point, but frankly we get excited to discover them. They give us a wealth of information about user behavior that we can use to your advantage.

After the data and user analysis, we work with you to craft a customer-centric remarketing campaign.

Remarketing Solutions

People who visit your website want to buy from you. We understand they may need to know you better or maybe just weren’t ready yet. Through analysis, we can get the full picture.

To build the customer trust and relationship needed to buy, we plan and coordinate full-service remarketing. Adwords and ad display strategies are some of the ways we do this. Our approach allows us to reach people who visited your website but clicked away and people who have looked for similar products.

We keep ads simple. In some cases it makes sense to maintain awareness. In other cases it makes more sense to be a little more direct. Either way, BFO’s remarketing team knows how to keep ads fresh, unique, and interesting to make the most of each contact so potential customers will be drawn back to your website to buy.

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